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William Self
BQSIMB Past President
     In 1975, a group of forward thinking librarians met and formed an outpost in the early days of hospital library consortia – the Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island Health Sciences Library Group (BQSI). Working together to share resources, further professional knowledge, exchange information and identify common needs, over the years these librarians created a vibrant, growing (with the addition of Manhattan and Bronx librarians) organization that is now celebrating its 40th anniversary.
     Today, the members of the BQSIMB Health Sciences Librarians work tirelessly together to meet the challenges of a changing world, changing technology, changing workplace, and changing profession.

     From the cutting edge technology of the fax machine to today’s handheld i-devices capable of doing more than our desktops, we have emerged from being keepers of the printed page to the expert guide to pathways of information and where media is the messenger.
     Without a membership organization of our colleagues and peers, these changes would have presented an almost insurmountable challenge to anyone. Luckily we will have each other to count on for many years to come.

     As we look to the future– let’s look back to what happened the year BQSIMB was founded:
The BQSIMB Anniversary Honor Roll
We are fortunate to have 3 members, present at the beginning, who continue to be part of our organization: Kalpana Desai; Lydia Friedman; and Laraine Tursi.

Many others were part of this group from its very beginning and many of us are fortunate to have known and worked with them over the years (please forgive any omissions or errors):

Ella Abney
John Anderson
Gabriel Bakscy
Rosalyn Barth
K. Bhushan Gulati
Francis Bianco
Madeleine Brown
Mary Buchheit
Edgardo Cordero
Gretchen Duchac
Leon Elveson
Margaret Falls
Nina Federoff
Susan Filewich
Rosalyn Glassman
Barbara Goldberg
Marie R. Jones
Pamela Kerns
Karen Kopperud
Teresa Kremer
Saul Kuchinsky
Carolyn Mansbach
Sylvia Most
Myung Pai
Philip Peck
Addie Price
Ellen Robinson
Stacey Saley
Esther Silfen
Susan Taubman
Patricia Tomasulo
Evelyn Van Peski
Sr. Regina Clare Woods



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