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Sheryl Ramer Gesoff
BQSIMB President
    Thanks for coming to the BQSIMB Fall 2015 meeting (or if you were not able to come to the meeting, thanks for trying to make it next time!)
    Thanks especially to Deborah Goss, of Queens Hospital Center, who helped plan the meeting, and Priscilla Daniels of Bellevue, who provided the (amazing) room, as well as to all of the BQSIMB board and committee members, who donate their time and skill throughout the year.
    Here is a review of the "under-the-radar" vendors we met at the meeting, along with the representatives' contact information. For each vendor, I have included a quote from the website, as well as a little note of my own. Elmhurst Hospital Center subscribes to all of these products, except for Ebsco's Discovery Services, so please let me know if you have any questions. Deborah Goss of Queens Hospital Center, who is included on this e-mail, is also available for questions, except for CE Direct.
    CE Direct: CE Direct is the "premier online corporate education solution for nurses, physicians, and allied health professionals," according to the website. It allows health professionals access to CE courses that they need for certification, as well as other courses. I have used Elmhurst Hospital's library funds to purchase the CE Direct's nursing library. Many nurses have signed up for it, and the statistics show that they use the product.
Contact information: The official vendor of CE Direct is OnCourse Learning Corporation. The representative is Jeanette Mlcoch.
    Canopy Medical English and Spanish: Canopy provides access to information across language barriers to improve healthcare." Canopy is like the Rosetta Stone of Medical Spanish and English. Health care professionals can access lessons from any computer. I have also purchased these lessons with library funds, and many health care professionals have registered for it.
    Canopy also has an app that helps health care professionals to translate yes or no questions to patients. Currently, anyone can download this app from the app store for free. This app is currently on trial at Elmhurst Hospital Center with a limited number of health care professionals.
Contact information: Neville Braithwaite
    Ebsco: Ebsco debuted Ebsco Discovery Service, which is "a core collection of locally-indexed metadata that serves as the foundation of EBSCO's CompleteDiscovery Solution. EDS provides access to an institution's entire collection via a single, customizable entry point."
    Another new product by Ebsco is DynaMed Plus – "the next-generation clinical information resource designed to decrease time to answer. The DynaMed Plus semantically enriched search experience means users get precise search results every time."
Contact information: Tracey Bahia
    Mango: Mango "creates lovable language-learning experiences for libraries, schools, corporations, government agencies, and individuals." It is like Rosetta Stone, except is very affordable and many people find it to be easier to use.
Contact information: Daniel Sherizen

    Special thanks to Ebsco for sponsoring the BQSIBM Fall 2015 meeting.
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