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The Academy of Health Information Professionals (AHIP) is MLA's peer-reviewed professional development and career recognition program. Academy membership reflects the investment of time and effort required for exemplary professional performance.

  Name   Academy Level &
  Expiration Date
  Lyudmila Bunyatova   Distinguished - 2019   
  Curtis Carson   Senior - 2023   St. John's Episcopal Hospital
  Carol Cave-Davis   Distinguished - 2016   Jamaica Hospital Medical Center
  Kalpana Desai   Senior - 2020   St. John's Episcopal Hospital
  Lydia Friedman   Distinguished - 2022   Maimonides Medical Center
  Yelena Friedman   Distinguished - 2018   Staten Island University Hospital
  Deborah Goss   Member - 2019   Queens Hospital Center
  William Lundmark   Senior - 2020   Touro College of Pharmacy/Osteopathic Medicine
  Claudia Lascar   Distinguished - 2020   City College of New York
  Margot Malachowski   Senior - 2024   National Network of Libraries of Medicine, New   England Region
  Rimma Perelman   Distinguished - 2024   Nassau University Medical Center
  Irina Pulatova   Member - 2017   Calvary Hospital
  Debra Rand   Distinguished - 2020   Hofstra NorthWell School of Medicine
  Natalia Ryvkin   Member - 2019   NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens
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